Interesting WWW Resources

Getting in touch with the realm of Ham Radio is easy on the wild and wooly web. If you've been out of touch with the hobby for any amount of time, or perhaps haven't had a chance to look around the web, here are some links you might be interested in viewing. Next time you have a chance, take a look at these sites:

Member Links

Dave - KBWJP
Thomas - KBDCO
Mitch - KCJFY
KBDCO's Photo Gallery

More Amateur Radio Links

ARRL main web page
ARRL Public Relations department
QRZ - Ham Radio callsign lookup and other information
Ham Radio directory of sites
Burghardt Amateur Center
Encyclopedia of ham radio gear
Texas Towers
Twin City Amateur Radio Club
National Weather Service - Central Region
DX.QSL.NET - DXer's website - Lots of ham radio and contest information - Practice Exams
The DX Cluster -- find out who's on right now - Antenna guru with lots of technical stuff - The unofficial PSK31 website
Live scanner feed from Hutchinson area, courtesy of Dave KBWJP

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